Tuesday, May 15

My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone

No matter what we may be facing today and no matter how many challenges lies before us, God is always with us!  This I know for sure............  

Life can be full to overflowing with gigantic potholes.  In the past several months life has taken me on a very challenging journey.  At times I felt as though I had fallen into a huge sinkhole and was never going to find my way out. But my God is faithful and He always takes care of His children.

My soul finds rest in God alone (Psalm 62:1).  This scripture says it all.  Our rest is in God and God alone.  He brings peace, comfort and joy into our lives when we question many things around us.

David may have been far from home when he wrote this psalm.  I am so thankful today that God is not limited by location or circumstance.  Even when we are walking in the dark with absolute uncertainty as to what tomorrow may bring, God never abandons us!  He is truly MY ROCK, MY STRENGTH and MY DELIVERER.  


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  1. So thankful for His rest for my weary heart!


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