Wednesday, May 30

Who is in Charge of Your Life?

“We need to get to the point where we are tired of God just being a resident of our life and make Him President of our life, the Commander and Chief, the One in charge.”
David Jeremiah

In our society there is a church on every street corner. All sizes and a plethora of denominations. For someone who is trying to find the right place it can be quite confusing and often times frustrating. You can even attend a church of the same denomination to discover a totally different doctrine being taught from the pulpit. So what is right? How can we know that how we are living our Christian lives is what God expects?

God's Word is full of answers to the issues we face in this life. The key to finding peace and knowing what is right and what is wrong is in cultivating a close relationship with Christ. If we make it a priority each day to read God's Word and spend quality time in prayer, we will grow our relationship with Him. If we are considering a questionable choice we will feel a Spirit Gut-Check in the pit of our stomach. The Holy Spirit will nudge our hearts to let us know that what we are about to do may not be the right thing if we are truly pursuing holiness and Godliness in our lives.

 Many churches are preaching greasy grace from the pulpit today. People in churches all over the world are receiving warm and fuzzy sermons Sunday after Sunday. The problem with these type of messages is the absence of conviction. The purpose of these sermons is to make folks feel good. There is no preaching against sin. There is no preaching about hell. There is no preaching about repentance.

Pursuing holiness is a daily event in a Christian's walk. God tells us to be Holy for He is Holy. That means we are to pursue holiness daily. He tells us in His Word to be Holy in ALL that we do. WOW! That is certainly a tall order and not an easy one to achieve. Living a consistent Christian life is not an easy task. The Bible says that few will enter heaven. Living recklessly and choosing to do whatever we want will not get us to heaven. When we accept Christ as our personal Savior we are commanded to pick up our cross daily and follow HIM. It isn't about us anymore. It is all about Christ and His plan for our lives. Sin separates us from our Heavenly Father.

It isn't about a certain denomination or a certain church. It is about believing the Bible from cover too cover and following Christ as He commands in His Word. This requires commitment and obedience to the things of God. It means putting God first above all other things in our lives. It means no more compromise. It means following the example of Christ in all that we do. Will we mess up? Absolutely, but God sees the heart and He knows if we are sincere in pursuing Him.

God's plan is so unique for each of our lives. Unless we walk close to Him, seeking His face daily, we will never experience that plan. Serving Him is awesome. And when we truly sell out to Christ we want to do the right thing. Will we still be tempted to do things that we know are not right? Of course! But God is much stronger and much bigger than all the stuff the world has to offer.

Don't watch other people and don't compare your Christian walk to others. Lean on Him. Trust Him and know that He has your best interests in mind. He loves you and cares for you like no one else.