Wednesday, September 9

The Three Little Pigs

I have been reading a book, Hand Me Another Brick by Charles Swindoll. It is an awesome book about effective leadership using Nehemiah's legendary leadership as a model.

One of the illustrations from the book uses the story, The Three Little Pigs. The wolf blew down the homes of the first two little pigs, but the third little pig had prepared well. His planning and perseverance was profitable. He not only was able to save himself, but he also provided protection for his brothers who lost their homes due to poor construction. They had used weak materials when constructing their homes.The book uses this illustration to ask questions about individual leadership qualities.
If you are building your leadership qualities with hay and twigs of worldly strategies you are most likely experiencing leadership principles that continue to collapse with the slightest wind change. I would like to compare this to the depth of our relationship with Christ. Compare that scenario to our relationship with Christ. Are we building on hay and stubble, microwave prayers and skimpy reading schedules from God's Word? If so we can certainly expect our relationship with the Lord to come crashing down when the storms blow.
We need to build a solid rock foundation of Jesus Christ to withstand the garbage that rolls into our lives.I pray your house is solid today. The toughness of the circumstances creates new "stretch" in our experience. Houses built on a strong foundation of Christ will definitely withstand the storms no matter how hard the big bad wolf blows!
Blessings friends!

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