Thursday, October 9

Me-Centered vs. God-Centered

We had an awesome time at Ministers' Retreat. I am so excited about the ministry for pastor's wives and credentialed ladies in our district. I truly feel in my heart and spirit that women are beginning to grab hold of the vision our leadership team has for this vital ministry. I made new friends this week and had an exciting time with the great women from our district.

Beth Grant spoke into the lives of the women of our district in two morning sessions. She was wonderful. The one thing she spoke about that has resonated in my heart over and over again is ministry is not about being Me-Centered. It is all about being God-Centered. If God isn't the reason we are doing what we are doing, it has no value. We are nothing without Christ. He makes us everything that we are. He orders our steps each day. If we choose to be so Me-Centered we will never accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God because we are too concerned about ME. We have all been there at one time or another. The hair isn't right, the makeup is streaked, the clothes are tight.... Well maybe not but in our minds we think all these things are not in order. So, what if they aren't???? It isn't about us ladies. It is about Jesus Christ and what He wants to do through you and me for the Kingdom of God.

I pray you are having a wonderful and blessed week. I am dealing with round two of bronchitis and feeling pretty rough today. I am waiting for my doctor to return my calls. I have contacted them 3 times this morning.

Let's focus on being a God-Centered woman in all that we do. I don't want people to see me when I am ministering to them. I only want them to see Jesus.

Blessings and hugs!


  1. As always..a great...great post, and one that we all need to hear.

    It's so easy to get caught up in ME, verses God. It's so much easier to be God focused...but so often my flesh fights it.

    God is really teaching me of late that I'll NEVER be truly happy, until I lay ALL .....yes I said ALL of my plans, thoughts, wishes, the foot of his cross and choose to walk away, free in him!!!

    I'm praying for you sweet friend!! Get some rest, and plenty of liquids!!!

  2. It was so nice to meet you face to face this week. I too was so incredibly blessed by everything that was shared. I am excited about ministry again!

    I hope you don't mind but I linked to this post from my blog.

    Here's the link:

    Thanks again for all that you did and I pray you are feeling better soon!

  3. Yes, thank you for this post.

    WE sometimes think about us and our needs. WE do what we think is right. We did not pay attention to God. We use our knowledge and do what it is said. We sometimes did not ask Him.

    This is a good post. thank you for sharing it to us.

    Have a great day!

  4. I am glad you enjoyed the retreat. God is good!

    Sorry you're dealing with bronchitis again. I will keep you in my prayers. Feel better soon.


  5. Praying you feel better really soon! Thanks for sharing! You are a blessing! Hugs, Grams

  6. Thanks to our Father for your post, I have been struggling with the fact I went back to work after 16 years home with my girls, and I suffer from fibromyliga, and I am not happy, I thought that this is what God wanted but my heart and soul and mind are not in it. That to me means God is not in on it. I love God and He has given me a wonderful life and raising my daughters, being a wife is I truely believe now is what He wants from me. And my true deep down passion God has given to me is to help women, Women's Leadership in our church and helping women who have suffered from abuse. please keep me is your prayers Thanks for listening to God and sharing his advise. I am sorry I haven't told you who I am
    my name is Peggy Lee Baker I live in Whitefield, NH, attend Lancaster Assembly of God in Lancaster,nh. I am the women's leader there.

  7. Hi Again! I was given The Faithful Servant Award and I wanted to share it with you. When you get time Please come by and pick it up. This one sure made me stop and think!!! Hugs, Grams

  8. great thoughts!! we need to be focused on Christ and not on ourselves. thanks for the convicting message!!


    hope you are having a great vacation!!


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