Monday, October 13

Daily Challenges of Christian Living

Serving God diligently requires hard work. We cannot afford to be slackers but to do everything in a way that honors the Lord. We must strive to keep doing good, and to serve God honorably.
The daily challenges of Christian living seem overwhelming at times. We face challenging obstacles of all kinds and at various levels. There are personal struggles, both inward and outward. There are difficulties that also come against our churches as well. The Bible instructs us on how to face these challenges in both clear and practical terms.
How do we deal with persecution and false teaching? We are to remain steadfast and faithful to God's Word. How do we support one another in times of distress and discouragement? We are to intercede for one another faithfully. How do we ensure the strength and growth of our church? We are to work hard inside and outside the church, even when that effort requires doing something unpleasant. We must remember that we are part of God's entire unique plan. And we need to remember our fellow Christians' welfare as well as our own.


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