Tuesday, March 24

In "other" Words - Reaching Out to Others

"To ease another's heartache, is to forget one's own."
~Abraham Lincoln~
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I had the privilege of hosting the Women in Ministry Retreat this weekend for the pastor's wives and credentialed women in the Potomac District. It was a phenomenal weekend! God's presence was so real. He ministered in a powerful way through our speaker, Karen Yancey and the gals who presented workshops. It was just absolutely awesome! Yes, I am still on the mountaintop!

This quote by Abraham Lincoln really hits home with me in a huge way. I shared my testimony in my workshop on Saturday. As a young pastor's wife who was filled with insecurities and very intimidated by those around me, I made many mistakes throughout the years of ministry. If only I would have had a seasoned pastor's wife to come alongside me to coach and encourage me as I walked that unfamiliar territory. I was not raised in a Christian home and had no idea what my role was as a pastor's wife. It was very lonely. I chose to pour my life into my career for eighteen years in Corporate America. My heart breaks now as I think about all those wasted years I could have been doing something for the Kingdom of God but instead my focus was on "me" and what I wanted for my life.

As Christians, God is calling us to step out and profess our faith. We are called to live our testimony so people can see Jesus Christ in us. My heart burns with passion to minister to other pastor's wives who may be walking in a deep valley of discouragement. God's purpose for our lives is to reach out to others who are hurting, confused and lost. I sense such an urgency in my spirit for those who are traveling down the road to destruction today. The Lord is going to return and it is time we remove our heads from the sand and get busy about God's business. He wants to use us but because we limit God and think small, His purpose for our lives is not being fulfilled.

When someone is hurting, love on them. Encourage them and remind them that Jesus loves them and has an awesome plan for their life. This life throws all types of obstacles in our paths even when we are striving for that prize at the end of our journey. Life will become overwhelming at times but through prayer and the prayer of others we will make it!

Blessings and hugs!


  1. Thanks so much for joining us today.

    Your retreat sounded awesome, I'm sure the ladies enjoyed your testimony as well.

    I was once a lonely pastor's wife too, very INSECURE!! God blessed me with an older lady,(not at our church) who mentored me. She was my spiritual mom!

    I found once I let my ladies know how I truly felt, I got set free, and then THEY DID, one by one!

    God is sooooooooo good.

    Enjoyed your post!

  2. Great post sister! I can relate to your Corporate America feelings. But know that the Lord had purpose for us in those times too. Could be the connections we made, a life we touched without even knowing it, lessons learned, endurance needed or just plain to know where true value is found- in a life spent with Jeus. If we hadn't been there perhaps we couldn't be where we are now with a raging inferno for the Lord in our hearts. It's all with purpose! I find great peace in that.

    Be blessed!

    Heather of S-A-M

  3. It's a wonderful thing to reach out to the hurting. They are there and God can use us, even if we think we are too insignificant. Great post! Loved your take on this quote.

  4. That was very encouraging. It's important that we walk people through things, along beside of them instead of just giving them some pointers along the way. That's how I made it through and its now my turn to share the comfort with others.

  5. When someone is hurting, love on them. Encourage them and remind them that Jesus loves them and has an awesome plan for their life.
    Oh yes! Well said. Bless you for your heart for other pastor wives.

  6. Great word, today. May the Lord bless you in return for the heart you pour out to others on His behalf.


  7. Thank you for sharing. I wish I had a someone like you to walk with me through the valley when I was caregiving for my husband.

  8. I share your burden for those who are traveling down the road to destruction. So many of them don't even recognize their state of being lost because they are "in the church." It makes the "burden bearing" all the more important.

    As Christians and "mentors" we NEVER know who we are touching-affecting-ministering to. . .

    The idea of "thinking small" definitely limits us. God's Kingdom is Everywhere-everyone-every minute of the day!

    wonderful words to encourage this pastor's wife today!!

  9. As I was reading your post, I kept thinking of the song "Press On". These are difficult and challenging times for so many people and it's easy to get discouraged. Oh how we need to share the love of Jesus; to encourage our sisters in Christ and also to those who don't know Him yet as their Savior. We need to join together and pray. Thank you for your post. I always smile when I read your blog's name: Chocolate and Coffee are two of my favorite things!

  10. You know I think MANY of us, share that feeling of time wasted...I do. I wish so much, with all of my heart that I'd taken notice MUCH sooner to the ministries around me and cared less about myself...

    It's in giving that we receive....
    Making the most of every day!

    What a perfect message today!
    I'm blessed by it!!

  11. I love this quote from President Lincoln. Thank you for being an encouragement today...

    Bless you!


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