Monday, March 5

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

There is an old saying, "Actions speak louder than words." What a statement of truth. Yesterday we recognized Women's Ministries Day in both services at our church. I am truly blessed to have such unbelievable ladies involved in Heart to Heart Gals Ministries. I was so humbled by the way each of them served throughout the day without one complaint. I am truly proud of them and I thank God for a wonderful team of devoted women. I wonder if God is always pleased with me and my actions as well. It is very easy sometimes to slip into the whine and complain mode without giving much thought to the message that we are sending to the people around us. I must remind myself daily that actions do speak louder than words and we never know when someone may be watching us when we least expect it or may overhear a conversation that we are not necessarily proud of. I pray that God will keep me humble. I also pray that I always represent myself in a manner that will always be pleasing to God. I am thankful to Him today for the incredible work He is doing with my life.

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