Thursday, March 8

Life is Grand!

This has been such a relaxing and rejuvenating week. Work has been crazy but the evenings have been wonderful. Typically for me there is only one week each month that doesn't require an evening ministry obligation. Stress for me is a major motivation but rest is an excellent ingredient in my recipe for life! It is a time when we can regroup and allow God to minister to our whole being. A time to chill and enjoy some quiet time with our spouse. Life is hectic and women are constantly attempting to manage a multitude of projects. Sometimes it is extremely challenging to balance all of that and remain sane. It is a blessing that we are great multitask individuals. I believe that is a special gift that God has given us. When God extends to us a free day, evening or week, we need to rejoice and savor each moment. Jesus cares about all of our needs and He knows exactly what we need when we need it. Take a moment today to thank Him for being such a caring and loving Father. Life is grand!

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