Sunday, July 31

Pastor's Wives and Ministry Women

Good Morning Beautiful Girlfriends!

This is the day that the Lord hath made.  I will REJOICE and be glad in it!!!!! 

I know for many it is challenging to rejoice this morning because of circumstances you may be dealing with in your ministry and life.  And I also know that there are many this morning who are struggling with loneliness. Just remember that God is still on the throne, He loves YOU and is as powerful as He was yesterday and will still reign tomorrow!  He truly cares about every detail of your life including the discouragement and disappointments you may be dealing with today.

 Here is a simple thought to ponder today…..  No matter what you are walking through at this moment, God will help you be a positive influence in a negative situation. Be encouraged. What you have to offer is the life of Jesus, not your own expertise.  Encouragement cannot harm people. A loving word from you will always help somehow, if even a little, if only for a moment. As ministry wives and ministry women, our skills and callings are varied, but we can be unceasing encourager's.  Encourager's are greatly needed in this lost world filled with hurting people!

 I am praying for you today that God’s power and presence will be overwhelming in your services and life.  You are amazing women of God! 

Love and appreciate you!

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