Tuesday, March 13

Positive Impact

Do you desire to impact lives like Jesus did? Maybe you just walked through the driest desert in your life recently and you really are not interested in impacting lives but it happens when we least expect it!!! The enemy is slick and if he can do anything to manipulate our lives so that we demonstrate frustration, anger, bitterness and worry to those around us, he thinks he has won. But we have news for him don’t we friends? He hasn't won and he won’t win because we serve a Jesus who is all powerful and much bigger than anything the enemy can throw in our path!!!

Influence is a personal indirect power over people, events, or things, not through the exercise of physical force or formal authority, but by force of character or wisdom. Jesus modeled how to be in influential leader who by force of character, wisdom, and example influenced others’ thinking and choices. He practiced life habits that help me live an authentic Christian life so that I can impact the lives of others as he did. Six Essentials of Spiritual Authenticity by Carol Kent & Karen Lee-Thorp

Influence is powerful and this week we are going to influence everyone in our paths in a negative or positive way. Our body language, our speech, our facial expressions…. We are impacting lives daily whether we realize it or not.  Even on those bad hair days.......  we are an influence. lol

Life can be challenging BUT the enemy is a wimp no matter what! Even in the darkest trial there is always something positive about what we are walking through. Sometimes we need to dig deep to find it but it is always there.

May God bless you abundantly in your own life, your family and ministry. May the presence of God be mighty and powerful in your life today!

Many blessings!