Tuesday, June 21


 Recently I read in Free to Soar how leadership can be emphasized in ministry, especially for pastor's wives and ministry women. Bobbie Houston asked these questions. Do you realize that people are watching us, whether we like it or not? And more than that, many of those folks are actually following the pattern and the manner of our lives. I don't know about you friends but that scares me to death!!!!!

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith (Hebrews 13:7). The Word of God is telling our congregations to look at you and me - to see how we are living our lives. These people watch our relationship with God our husbands and family and with our churches. They observe the way we respond to and raise our children and they watch the way we negotiate relationships - the good, the bad and even the ugly.

People also watch to see what we give priority to in our lives. If something is not important to you as a leader, it is not going to be important to them. If we come in late to church, they’ll more than likely come in late. If we choose to sit down during the worship, are easily distracted and don't enter in, more than likely they will have that same attitude.

I know this book is specifically addressing pastor's wives and ministry women but ALL Christians are influencing their world, either for good or bad. One of my biggest fears is that I will do something on a "bad hair day" to lead someone astray. My prayer for each of us today is that God will help us to be a Godly example at  home, at work, at church, etc. I realize how demanding our lives can be and many of us are multi-tasking daily but God is our strength and our source. May His love and peace surround you today. May His sweet spirit shine in and through your life.

Have a wonderful day filled to overflowing with God's abundant blessings!