Wednesday, June 22

The Roar of the Lion

The power of words and improper use of the tongue can be totally devastating to individuals and families. It causes needless pain and hurt among our church families because people choose not to bridle their tongues and take responsibility for their words and actions. Pastor's families are sometimes damaged beyond repair by the slanderous words and carelessness of the tongue which creates ugly gossip throughout the community.

According to James, godliness involves bridling the free, uninhibited nature of the tongue and actively controlling the direction of our speech so that it becomes productive instead of destructive. To harness the power of navigation, we need to put our hand to the reins, take control of our words, and steer them in a positive direction. If we cannot say something good about someone we shouldn't say anything!

Division is a problem in many churches because people constantly gossip and I wouldn't be afraid to estimate 90% of what is repeated isn't the truth. It is simply hurtful words instigated by the enemy to tear down and destroy God's work.

Let's offer words of encouragement to those around us today and refuse to be a part of any negative conversation. Allow God to use you for His Kingdom in a way that will be positive and uplifting to all those you encounter this week. Even when the lion continues to roar God continues to reign!!!!