Thursday, September 15

God Wants To Use What Is In Your Hands

God is calling us to be Great for Him. He will never ask us to go where He has not provided the means to assist us. He will never call us to do a work without completely equipping us to be successful in accomplishing the task.

In Exodus, chapter 4, Moses is involved in a discussion with God regarding his suitability to represent the Israelites."What if they do not believe me or listen to me?" he asks God. "What is that in your hand?" the Lord replies. "A staff,", Moses says.Then God tells Moses to throw the staff on the ground, and when he does, it immediately becomes a serpent.

God gave Moses the ability to use whatever was in his hand at the moment to demonstrate not Moses' power, but God's power! A shepherd's staff was commonly a three-to-six-foot wooden rod with a curved hook at the top. The shepherd used it for walking, guiding his sheep, killing snakes, and many other tasks. Still, it was just a stick. But God used the simple shepherd's rod Moses carried to teach him an important lesson.

God sometimes takes joy in using ordinary things for extraordinary purposes. What are the ordinary things in your life - your voice, a pen, a musical instrument? While it is easy to assume God can use only special skills, you must not hinder His use of the everyday contributions you can make. Little did Moses imagine the power his simple staff would yield when it became the rod of God.

What's in your hand that God wants to use? Whatever is in your hand, God can use it for His glory. He has blessed you with many talents and gifts.  God wants to use what is in your hands for the Kingdom...........  What are you waiting for???