Tuesday, July 27

In "other" Words - Waiting

Tami Boesiger at The Next Step is hosting IOW today. She has selected a great quote. Check out her blog and the other ladies who are participating today.

It requires much more courage to stand and wait and still not lose heart or lose hope, to submit to the will of God, to give up opportunities for work and leave honors to others, and to be quiet, confident, and rejoicing while the busy multitude goes happily along their way.”
J.R. Miller
from Streams in the Desert

God has an awesome plan for each of us but often times we hinder his work in our lives. We tend to gaze at circumstances through our eyes and become discouraged because we only see the possible. Things that seem impossible to us create fear in our lives and many of us will never accept the challenge God has strategically placed before us because it involves risk. Many times in my own life I have been reluctant to accept the risk that God placed before me but as I began to seek his face for guidance and direction he began to fill  my heart with excitement, new ideas and peace about the challenge.  God equips the called. When he nudges our heart and whispers that it is time for us to step out and do something for the Kingdom, he gives us everything we need to accomplish the task. He has proved that over and over in my life and ministry.

Waiting is never easy but I am reminded that God's timing is not my timing.  Serving him requires obedience and patience.  Sometimes it will take years before doors will begin to open.  During those years of waititng, God continues to do a work in our lives. The prep work is just as important as the task.

Pray with expectancy about what God has for your life. I truly believe that God's desire is to do great things in each of us. People need to know who Jesus Christ is and we have a responsibility to tell them. Be willing to take a risk and watch God do the rest. When things look like they are absolutely impossible look up and hold on for the ride of your life. Believe in something bigger than you! We truly miss the mark many times because we are looking at things through our eyes and not the eyes of God. Don't restrict God. Place him first in all things. Faithfully seek him in your ministry and allow this to be an awesome season in your life!



  1. So much I needed to hear today, Deborah.

    God equips the called.
    Serving him requires obedience and patience.
    The prep work is just as important as the task.
    Believe in something bigger than you!

    Thank you, friend, for your encouraging words and for joining us today!

  2. I loved what you wrote:
    "Be willing to take a risk and let God do the rest."

    When He calls us to do something, He will equip us.

    Blessings and love,

  3. I love that last line. The latest season of my life has been difficult, and amazing at the same time. When I choose to allow Him to be King of each season of my life they each become awesome in their own way. Thanks for sharing Deborah; you always bless me with your words.


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