Tuesday, September 29

In "other" Words - All Is Well

Jen at Scraps and Snippets has selected a great quote today for IOW. Check out her site and the other posts regarding this quote.

"Believer........ banish your fears; cast out all doubts; lift up the happy head; clap the exulting hands; rejoice; give thanks. Your heavenly Father cannot set you in wrong places. Your living Savior cannot lead you in wrong paths.
All is well."
Henry Law

Dreams. Visions. Hopes. Goals. Sometimes, we have clear direction from God regarding our next steps in life. Sometimes, we have no idea. For many of us waiting for that next step to become a reality can be an incredibly tough process as we trust God and pray for His will day after day after day. What happens between the dreams dreamed and the dreams realized? LIFE!

Between the dreams and the reality of the dreams coming true we patiently wait, NOT, living our lives, but remaining faithful to God and His calling, trusting Him to bring about what He would have us to do. We don't stop being faithful, and we can't stop living as if we were literally frozen in time, but we must be patient. For many of us, that is an extremely challenging task.

Every one of us has at some point dreamed a dream that was beyond us, perhaps even a divinely initiated dream. For some, God has fulfilled that dream. For many of us, we are still waiting for those dreams to come to life. Often times we may even become frustrated from waiting for that God-sized dream and pursue a more manageable people-sized dream instead. Maybe the people-sized dreams feel safer because we feel we can accomplish them more easily. We find the God-sized dreams overwhelming, and so we become creative to find ways to put them aside for fear of failure.

If God has given you a dream pursue it! We should never settle for anything less than what God intends to accomplish through us. We must not allow ourselves to become distracted but consistently wait patiently for the realization of the dreams. Do not allow the enemy to fill your minds with doubt but rejoice because God is still in control!

I know from experience waiting is not always an easy task. I am reminded often that God's timing is not my timing. Between the dreams dreamed and the dreams realized life continues to move forward.

What are you doing with that time today? Don't allow frustration and discouragement to alter your God-given dreams. Remain faithful to the call God has placed upon your life and allow Him to use you where you are while you wait for that dream. One day God will let us know that it is time for His dreams to become a reality in our lives. Even though life happens, God still works His purposes out in detail. The path to our dream may not be exactly how we thought we would get there. Just trust God. We have a responsibility to be faithful and patient as His will becomes a reality for each of us.



  1. The waiting is so hard! Beautifully written post...thanks for participating today!

  2. Thank you for sharing with us in IOW. Nope, waiting is not an easy task . . and what we do with our time is so important. THANK YOU for your words of encouragement

  3. Deborah thank you for a reminder that I really needed to hear today. Bless you for sharing what God laid on your heart.

  4. Thank you for writing this note of encouragement. It's remarkable because this is a challenge that I am currently facing. Sometimes my timing isn't God's and I just need to be patient for the the calling God created me for.


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