Thursday, September 24

Chocolate, Coffee and Girlfriends

For many years, after accepting the role of Women's Ministry Coordinator in our church, I tried what seemed like a zillion different ideas to bring ladies together for an evening of fellowship. Nothing was really a consistent success and then I had an idea which has really been a hit.

For approximately six years I have been hosting Chocolate and Coffee monthly Bible studies. I recently expanded the name and will be kicking off our new group, Chocolate, Coffee and Girlfriends, in a few weeks.

Chocolate, Coffee and Girlfriends is about ladies of all ages coming together monthly as a tool to cultivate friendships, mentor one another and disciple.

Chocolate, Coffee and Girlfriends meet at 7pm on a Thursday evening once a month in my home. The evening begins with a time of fellowship, food, laughter, ice breakers, and prizes. I usually begin the Bible study about 8pm. I use all types of material and sometimes simply speak from my heart. There have also been occasions when a guest speaker was invited to share at the event. One of the ladies will lead in worship for one or two songs following the Bible study and then I entertain prayer requests. We form a huge circle, interlock hands and begin praying for the prayer needs. Many ladies linger and chat at the end of the evening which is an awesome opportunity to build relationships.

If you are interested in beginning a Chocolate, Coffee and Girlfriends fellowship in your church please feel free to contact me. I would love to help you get the event started. I am available to speak to your group or I can simply give you more ideas for the event. If you do begin this ministry please let me know how it works for you. You can contact me at

Christian friendships are vital for survival. We may think we can do this thing alone but that my friend is dangerous and a serious lie from the enemy. We need one another.

Have a wonderful day! Blessings to you friends!

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