Thursday, August 20

Thankful Thursday - Not About Me

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The world is challenging us to be all we can be. It doesn't mention anything about being all we can be for Christ. It is all about ME. Do everything with selfish ambition and think only about ourselves and what we want out of this life. This is certainly not God's plan. All of you must keep awake and watch and pray, that you may not come into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Matthew 26:41

This life isn't about ME. My life is all about Christ and His plan. My focus, goals and ambitions must all be about what He wants for my life. So many things today are competing for our attention in this world. Obviously these things are most likely not God things. Many of these things are destructive and will certainly destroy our lives if we weaken to the temptation of the flesh.

I am thankful today that my God is bigger than all the temptation in this world.

I am thankful today that He offers so much more than this world has to offer.

I am thankful that God sees the big picture and knows what is best for each of us.

I am thankful for His love and forgiveness.

I am thankful for the dreams He has placed in my heart.

I am thankful for the vision He has given me and the courage to pursue those dreams.

I am thankful for His strength and encouragement when discouragement is lurking at my door.

I am thankful for His guidance and provision.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Lord help me to remain focused on what you want for my life and not what I want. God may I be ever mindful of who you are and the awesome plan you have for my life. Help me to always be an encouragement to those around me Lord. And when those dreams seem millions of miles away nudge me and help me to see that waiting is a good thing. I am a work in progress for the Kingdom. Amen.

Blessings friends! You are amazing!


  1. Beautifully said. What a world we would live in if we would just take the focus off of ourselves on place it upon God. -happy TT!

  2. In your prayer you mentioned waiting. I just finished rereading Andrew Murray's book "Waiting on God". Interesting time. God does have His purposes and His ways. And I for one, want to be used as a vessel for His purposes.

    There's much in this world to try to get our eyes off of God. One thing that helps me is to pray Romans 12:1-2. I only began to do this lately after studying Romans. But it helps me to remember to submit to Him and then He will work in and through me for His Kingdom purposes.

    I loved your TT post Deborah. And you are always such an encourager and I thank you for that.


  3. Great post again! You have a very Thankful Heart! Hugs, Grams

  4. This is beautiful and powerful!

    We have to make sure that we always keep it about HIM - it is not about us. THank you for this today.

  5. Thanks for the reminder to focus on God. Have a good day.

  6. Such a lovely post, be blessed.

  7. How true and a good reminder for me too. Thank you for sharing.


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