Wednesday, January 27

You Are What You Think

"The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel determines the way you act."
~ Rick Warren ~

When I read this statement I can't help to think about all the "sad" Christians who are walking around our workplace, neighborhoods and churches, who are constantly dragging their lips across the carpet. Why? Because they are overburdened with the cares of the world. Life has become overwhelming to them and they have lost their joy in the Lord.

If we think insecure thoughts, we will feel insecure and those around us will recognize our insecurities. If we think we are losers, we will feel like losers and those around us will recognize us as losers. If we think we are defeated, we will feel like we are defeated and those around us will recognize us as being defeated. If we think we are secure in Jesus Christ, saved by the blood of the lamb, pressing towards the prize of heaven, we will feel encouraged and those around us will see us as encourager's. Our attitudes will become contagious and people who know us will want what we have. You are what you think.........

My God is not a loser. He is bigger than anything this world can place upon us. He is our hope. He is our future. He is our encourager and He loves us. He cares about us and He is available to us 24/7. When we feel alone in the middle of the night, God is there. When the enemy speaks words of discouragement into our thoughts, God is there to assure us that we are special. We are His creations and He doesn't make mistakes and He doesn't make junk?

I know I am nothing without Christ. He has made me who I am today. Each day, part of my prayer to Him is, "Lord, may I decrease and you increase." I want to be a light in this dark and hopeless world.

Be encouraged friends. God loves you!


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