Wednesday, March 18

Proverbs 31 Woman Is You!

If we read Proverbs 31 many times it seems we sometimes tend to visualize a truly Godly woman as a quiet little church mouse, but if you really read and study Proverbs 31, you will find that this Godly woman in the scriptures is nothing like a quiet little church mouse! This woman is a savvy professional businesswoman. She is business-minded, hardworking, committed, and very frugal. She is much like the modern working woman of today. She loves and cares for her family, buys land, expands her crops and finds great bargains! Does any of this sound familiar?

This Godly woman in Proverbs 31 is YOU and I! As Godly women we strive at balancing our career and family. This woman is US as we work to make the best of sales and meet our employer's goals or our boss's expectations each day, while serving the Lord with our WHOLE heart.

Don't allow the enemy to whisper things into your heart and mind today that are absolutely not true! Just because we work outside the home, doesn't mean we will never attain the Godly Proverbs 31 woman's image. God has blessed each of us with multiple talents and gifts. As we use them daily we are honoring our Lord. Our lives are a Godly example to all those around us. We are living our testimony each day whether we are at home, at work or walking in a mall. We are continually influencing others around us.

May you be richly blessed today!


  1. I always thought the Prov 31 woman was one tough gal. Thanks for the upbeat message!

  2. I agree totally but why is it sooo hard sometimes!
    I guess we just have to put our value in Him and not man in this area.



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