Thursday, November 6

Missed Blogging

I really miss blogging this week but in addition to this being a very hectic week I have been sick. Ugh! I have been dealing with bronchitis for six weeks. Three antibiotics later and I still have the wheezing and an annoying cough. On top of that I somehow was blessed with a 24 hour flu this week. I went home after work last evening and went to bed at 5:30 pm. I slept until 5am this morning! For me that is unheard of. My hubby had to direct the choir at practice last night because I was just too wiped out to go to church. For those of you who know me well you also know I never miss services unless I am very ill. Anyway, I am feeling better today.

My credential interview went well on Tuesday. The board of presbyter's must approve all candidates and then it is forwarded to headquarters in Springfield, MO for final approval. Hopefully I will know something by January.

This weekend our district is hosting the annual Equipping Conference. Doug Clay, General Treasurer of the AG is the keynote speaker. There are over 50 workshops being offered for local church leaders. I am co-facilitating two workshops for pastor's wives. Still prepping.

I pray you are having a very blessed week!


  1. Deborah-
    Congrats! on your credentialing ... I know now that you are past the interview you can breathe easier! Speaking of breathing - I do hope you will be well soon. -Blessings, Laurie

  2. I do hope you get to feeling better. Remember to take some acidophiles to keep you balanced with the good bacteria


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