Monday, November 3

A Great Weekend and Busy Week

It was a great weekend. After living in Garrett County Maryland for 5 1/2 years it is almost imaginable to believe that we are experiencing temperatures in the 60's in Virginia. I am loving it! Only a few of my flowers have actually bit the dust from the frost. I am trying desperately to hold on to our green lawn, flowers and warm weather for as long as possible. I definitely am not a fan of winter.

We had a great day in the house yesterday. Bobby began a four week series on Heaven and Hell and his sermon yesterday was definitely off the charts! Really good stuff. My Sunday School lesson was also extremely challenging. We are going through the book by Jerry Bridges, The Practice of Godliness. Our Christian walk is a process. A daily process that cultivates a deep and rooted relationship with Christ. More good stuff. Pick up a copy of the book and read for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Praise and Worship was anointed and I finally had a full voice and made it completely through the morning service. I was even able to sing with the choir as I directed them. I have been struggling with something in my lungs for 6 weeks and 3 antibiotics. I am praying that I am finally on the mend.

This is a very busy week. We have prayer tonight at church. Of course we all must get out tomorrow and VOTE. Remember, you cannot complain about the election results if you choose not to participate. I am scheduled for my credential interview tomorrow with three of the presbyter's in Fairfax. Thursday evening we have a leadership meeting and Friday there are doctor appointments. Saturday is the Equipping Conference in our district. Our church will be participating along with approximately 325 other people from the district churches. I am c0-facilitating two workshops for pastor's wives. Doug Clay is the Keynote Speaker and will also facilitate the pastor workshops. It will be a great day.


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  1. I hear ya with the weather being so crazy lately. Here in NY we have been getting up to 60's too.. yet we had snow a week ago.. Mother nature has a sense of humor..

    God bless,


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