Tuesday, September 9


Life is hectic. Life is a super busy journey for all of us. By the end of the day it is safe to say that we are most likely anything but refreshed!

Getting back into the groove of life this week has been somewhat challenging. Today is only Tuesday but I continue to play catch up since I was out of the office most of last week at the leadership retreat. Bobby and I met with our leadership at church last evening and didn't get home until 10 pm. Tonight is a free evening. Well, actually none of us really have a free evening. There is always something we have to do but at least I am not OBLIGATED to do anything specific other than make dinner for us. It will be a great evening to REFRESH.

What does that mean to you? Keep and protect me, O God, for in You I have found refuge, and in You do I put my trust and hide myself (Psalm 16:1). Because life is so crazy and always moving for me at a fast forward pace, my soul needs to be refreshed in the Lord daily. Many times I will find a quiet place in my home (remember our kids are married and we are Empty Nester's), and read or pray. Another way for me to refresh is to take one of my little people with fur for a walk around our town. I have a route that is one mile and it gives me ample time to talk to God and REFRESH my spirit and my body. Whatever works for you, I encourage you to find time to REFRESH in the Lord. When we find ourselves running on empty our bodies and minds become weary and we can create a very irritable attitude to those we love and not be fun to be with.

REFRESH in Jesus! Your hubby will love you for it!! :-)


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