Monday, September 15

Vision and Goals

How many times have you taken what you consider pretty significant photographs only to find that the finished product was blurred? Obviously the camera was not properly focused when snapping the pictures.
I wonder how many times we could say we were not properly focused when making decisions. Vision and goals for our lives are necessary if we want to be successful in anything we attempt to achieve. If a church has no vision it will certainly perish. I believe that is also true in our personal lives. If we do not have direction we will go nowhere fast. It is important to focus on our future and strategically map out the goals we hope to accomplish.
I am a planner. Even when we are on vacation my husband laughs at me because I cannot go through the week without a strategic daily plan. I am not one of those women who can just go through the day and whatever happens will happen. I must have a plan. Even my weekends are planned. That may seem ridiculous to some but that is how God wired me and it is difficult for me to function in any other manner.
What are your personal goals for the next year? What are you hoping to achieve in the next five years? Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Just a few tidbits of thought on a Monday.
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