Thursday, June 5


The weather in Virginia has been horrible this week.

Bobby and I attended a viewing Tuesday in the dark! Because of storms the funeral home had lost their power. When we arrived the place was crowded and very warm. Someone was standing at the guest book with a flashlight to navigate those who chose to sign the book. The casket had been located close to a window so the body could be viewed. Candles were lit and placed throughout the room. In all the years of our ministry we had never encountered such an experience.
Storms were reported all over Virginia today from mid-afternoon into the evening. There were some reported tornadoes and excessive storm damage. When we arrived at our church for the evening service we discovered there was no electricity. Many families in our church are without power. Obviously we had no choice but to cancel services and choir practice last night due to the lack of lights and potty!

Brooke, our daughter, called as we were heading home and asked me to come to her house and help her with our grandson who was sick with a stomach bug. Shortly after I arrived my grand-daughter also became ill. Grammy spent the night. My prayer today is that Brooke and I do not also become ill. I left her home this morning at 5:00 to go home and get ready for work. Please pray for Luke and Victoria today that God will touch them. Luke was doing better this morning but Victoria is still dealing with issues from this virus.

When we are sick we seek comfort. My grandchildren needed comfort last night and reassurance that everything was going to be OK. Brooke needed comfort and encouragement from Mom as she dealt with two very sick children. How many times should you and I seek God for comfort when life is a little bumpy but instead we choose to ride out the storm on our own?

If you are in the midst of a storm this week, seek the One who will bring you peace. Comfort is immediately available to us if we simply ask. Our Heavenly Father is waiting with outstretched arms.

Blessings to you today!


  1. I'm surprised at there being a viewing in the dark. You'd think a funeral home would need a generator or something to back up, in case of power failure. (Issue concerning dead bodies.)

    I'll be praying for you, and that you don't catch the virus!

  2. Thank you for you encouraging words as usual! You always have good insight relating to everyday practical things that happen.

    I am sorry you all had to cancel church because of the storm...hope everything is back to normal now.


  3. Well, that was something! Here in Missouri we have had some bad storms too! Whew! I am ready for it to clear up! My goodness!! You did a good post. I hope the grand kids are feeling better and that you and your daughter didn't get sick!! Love and hugs, Grams


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Blessings and hugs!