Monday, June 2

Awesome Sunday

We were so blessed to have Alicia Britt Chole as our guest Sunday morning at church. She was incredible and truly touched our hearts. What a powerful woman of God. It was obvious that God's sweet anointing and presence permeates her life. What a service!

My hubby continued his study on the teaching of The Holy Spirit last night. We had awesome connecting time with God at the altar. No matter how close you walk with the Lord there is something very special about being at an altar surrounded by the congregation seeking God's face in one accord. It feels so refreshing and so vibrant. It is like a breath of fresh air.

In order for God to do great things in our churches it must start in each of our hearts. Bobby spoke these words last night and it is so true. I think many times we become comfortable and somewhat lazy and simply "hang out" in the pews waiting for God to do this spectacular thing. But if we are not seeking and anticipating something awesome, how will we even know if something incredible is happening? If we allow ourselves to be so taken in by all the distractions of this world, we could miss the awesomeness of His presence when it does happen. The excitement and stirring must first start in us. If we are too busy and too preoccupied to allow room for His existence how can we expect the church to experience His power and presence?

I am looking forward to our monthly prayer time this evening at church. I am excited about what God is doing in the lives of those who have made this time a priority in their lives.

Blessings as you seek His face!


  1. Deborah,
    I'm working my way through the Assembly of God Blog ring, and giving friendly reminders to those who need to update their code. (Your code is missing the Assembly of God black/white/gold banner and the gold join button.) Please go to my site and click on "Assembly of God Blogs" in the blue linkbar under my header. You'll find the code you need there. (Please don't use the code from RingSurf- it's missing the banner and button.) Thanks!

  2. I love your positive attitude! Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed looking through your blog.


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