Thursday, June 26

Fault Lines

no cracks

I meet with my Life Coaching Mentoring Group this evening. We are working through two incredible books, Hand Me Another Brick by Charles R. Swindoll and Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver. I want to share part of my lesson from the book Having a Mary Spirit. Incredible!

Sin crouches at our doors, looking for fault lines, searching for a point of entry into our hearts and souls. Which is why it's so important to allow God to expose and confront the cracks in our characters.

Jesus often did this kind of work in the New Testament. When He pointed out flaws in people He met. He wasn't trying to humiliate them. He wanted to alert them to danger and point the way toward their healing.

To the Pharisees intent on appearing religious, Jesus pointed out the fault line of hypocrisy.

To the rich young ruler requesting the way to heaven, Jesus exposed the dangerous tendency of loving money more than God.

And that day in Bethany when Martha came whining to Jesus demanding assistance, it wasn't insensitivity that caused Jesus to rebuke her (Luke 10:38-42). He knew the last thing Martha needed at that moment was more help in the kitchen. What she really needed was to recognize the fault line in her soul.

"Martha, Martha," He told her gently, "You are worried and upset about many things" (verse 41). With those words, Jesus pointed to a weak spot in her psyche - her anxiety, her need to succeed, and the fear of failure which fed a demanding spirit.

Whether it is resentful anger like Cain's, a Pharisee's need to appear successful, a young ruler's passion for possessions, or a Marthalike pursuit of perfection - we all have fault lines, core issues that fuel our desires and shape our actions. And when we give in to our natural impulses and go against God's ways, we may get what we want but lose what we need most.

An awareness of God's presence.

His blessing on our lives.

Wow! What a powerful word! I could elaborate so much more on this topic but for lack of time I will keep my comments brief.

God has such an awesome plan for our lives. As long as we remain humble and not prideful He can and will reveal our "fault lines". The problem arises when we begin to think "we" are doing awesome things for the Kingdom and fail to see that God is merely using this vessel to accomplish His work. God completely equips when He calls. "Fault lines" are certainly a part of the process as we press forward for Christ but I am thankful today that He can repair the cracks in my wall.

Blessings to you!

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