Friday, June 27


Brandon and Casey have been at Pine Creek Camp this week located in the mountains of VA. This is the second week of youth camp in the Potomac District and Brandon was the speaker this week. Casey worked with the youth in the sports events. They are leaving this afternoon to for an 18 hour trip back to Evangel University in Springfield, MO.

I have been hearing bits and pieces all week about the tremendous services and powerful move of God this week at camp. Bobby and I are meeting Brandon and Casey and Adam (Casey's brother who is also ministering with them) in Winchester this afternoon for lunch before they begin their trip home. I am so excited to hear more about what God was up to this week. They will be returning to Northern Virginia mid July. Brandon will be speaking in a 3 day revival at one of the local AG churches. He has a few other services booked as well while they are in the area.

Family Camp is just around the corner in the Potomac District. Bobby and Brandon will be speaking Monday, July 21st. Our superintendent is attempting something different and very unique this year using Father's and Son's, mentors and mentee's, who are currently in ministry. The theme is Empowering Future Generations. I will direct our choir, Voices of Inspiration, and we will also lead praise and worship that evening. It is going to be an awesome time in the Lord! Good ole' camp meeting services!! Bring down the rain Lord!

Have an incredible weekend!

Blessings and love.........

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  1. Aw man...I miss "family camp". I LOVE family camp.

    We don't have it here in Pen-FL.

    Have an awesome time!!! Sounds wonderful.


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