Thursday, May 22

Called to the Profession?

My hubby and I met when I was 15 in high school. Little did I know that I would end up as a pastor's wife. Are pastor's wives called to the ministry? In my heart I feel that answer has to be a big "YES". I am certain many women would disagree with me but we have been in ministry for 28 years and honestly, if I would not be called to this profession I would have convinced Bobby to change professions a very long time ago!
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid (John 14:27 NIV). God gives us peace. A peace like no other in this life when we are in His will. You just know that it is right.
For 18 years I was very involved in a banking and marketing career. I spent many hours commuting when my children were small. I was very much into my career focused on climbing the ladder to success. Am I saying that is wrong? Not necessarily, but as I look back over my life, I know now that God wasn't first on my priority list. Too much emphasis was placed on my "career". Many evening classes at the local college. I was very involved in Professional Women's Groups. Very little of my time was committed to the church. Bobby was an associate pastor during most of my career. Did I have any idea what was going on in his ministry or the church? Honestly, I have to admit - very little for a number of years.
I believe that as a pastor's wife it is our responsibility to support our husband in ministry. We must be there to love him and encourage him. And I wholeheartedly believe that God does call us into this ministry. I have seen pastors who are doing this thing alone and it is a struggle for many of them. I know how difficult it has been at times for us. I can't imagine trying to deal with some of the ministry issues we have faced as a couple on your own. Am I implying that pastor's wives cannot obtain a successful career and still be a support to her husband? Not at all but I do beleive that there must be balance between the career and her ministry.
God gives peace. His peace is with us. In my own experience, no matter what type of struggle I am facing, God is always there. He gives peace in the midst of the storms. If we are in His will, He gives us a feeling of peace. You know that you know that you are doing the right thing. Did I experience peace during those 18 years of career chasing?
I will blog more about this later. We are preparing to leave for Church Life Cohort in Lutherville, MD.
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  1. Denise!

    I agree with you 100%. In fact, God spoke to my heart about his desire for me to be a Pastor's wife when I was 16 years Spencer Lake in WI....during summer Bible Camp.

    When we were involved in full-time ministry, I pastored along side of my husband. I didn't work, and we sacrificed GREATLY, but we felt God's desire was for us to "co-pastor".

    Today we are NOT in fulltime ministry; but we volunteer our time heading up the "Prayer Counseling" area at our church. And this day (even though we BOTH work fulltime jobs...outside of the ministry) we "co-pastor" together.

    I could NEVER imagine...being in the ministry and not standing along side of my husband each step of the way.

    It's tough to be in ministry, and I've learned that as I'm supportive, loving, caring, I can be an amazing source for my we minister together.

    Have a WONDERFUL time in Lutherville.


  2. Love your blog and will be coming back to visit and listen in. Thanks for sharing.
    My hubby and I were both in Bible College and met at seminary and I truly believe the wife has to be "called" as well. At least, if not totally to her own separate ministry, called to a heart of ministry and love for people. Some women just can't do that. I believe it's a special calling. For about the past 12 years, we have both been called "out" of full-time ministry but still are very active ministering to the saints.

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  4. Deborah, a wonderful post and I agree totally with you that Pastors wives are called ever so much as Pastors. I do not think God will call one without the other. Now about this whole thing about a Preachers wife working...I think it is possible to do that but unfortunetly 40+ hours of working, the kids, homework, sports and dirty socks take so much time and energy that there isn't much left for a Pastors wive to give to the ministry. If a Pastors wife has to work, she needs to prioritize and pour her heart into one area of ministry that God is leading her rather than trying to do "everything". Her first and foremost role as a Pastors wife is NOT to lead the Women Ministries but to be an armor bearer for her husband and to be a godly Mom and godly wife.

    I am a "working" Pastors wife. I went from an executive postion to being a business owner. This allows me to work parttime hours, earning fulltime money and frees up alot more time to minister to the ladies of our congregation.

    Lisa at THE PREACHERS WIFE blog recently did a survey about this very subject; asking Preachers wives if they are called into ministry. You might be interested in some of the responses. find it at

    -blessings, Laurie


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