Saturday, February 16

Wonderful memories

Valentine's Day was such a special time. I love the holiday almost as much as Christmas. I took a few hours personal leave from work and went home to prepare a wonderful candlelight dinner for our daughter and her family and my hubby and I. It was an incredible evening. Bobby bought me beautiful white and red roses, lovely cards and jewelry for the occasion. It was simply a perfect day.
Yesterday was my birthday. It was another incredible day! I received phone calls all day from friends. Some even sang to me! Beautiful cards arrived in the mail and my hubby bought me some very nice jewelry. We had dinner last night at Ruth's Chris in Fairfax with some very special friends. It was wonderful!
Relationships are so important. It takes time to cultivate friendships and lasting relationships in this life but the rewards are neverending. It is the same with God. Spending time with Him and cultivating a lasting relationship is so rewarding. I cannot imagine my life without Him....... ever.

Blessings to you ladies!


  1. Beautiful time!! Thank you so much for sharing that! It sounded like everyone had a very great time!

  2. Deborah,
    I just found your sight and the peace that comes from it touches my heart!
    Friendships and relationships are so important to the Lord Jesus!
    I am glad the Lord blessed your birthday. I hope your husband continues to be healed by Jesus!
    I like the name of your blog; my two favorite enjoyments -- chocolate & coffee!
    Thank you for your encouragement.
    Miriam : )


Thanks so much for visiting this site. I pray that Chocolate and Coffee will be an encouragement to you today.

Blessings and hugs!