Wednesday, January 16

Pastor's Wives Ministry - Comments Needed

I am currently working on a project at our District level for Pastor's Wives. We are developing a new ministry specifically targeting the needs of the spouse of a minister. Ladies would you please answer the following questions and make any other comments that might be helpful for developing this ministry? I sincerely appreciate your input.

1. As a pastor's wife what are three obstacles that you struggle with in your role?

2. Do you have an accountability partner ?

3. Do you have close relationships with other women in the church?

4. How do you protect your husband and his ministry?

5. What areas of training would you like to see made available for pastor's wives?

6. Do you find yourself intimidated easily by the other women in your church?

7. Are you doing things in the church that you currently do not have a desire to do? If so, why?

8. Do you work outside the home? If so, do you find yourself feeling guilty about that decision?

9. Do the expectations from the congregation create stress in your life? If so, how do you respond to it?

10.What advice would you give to a young pastor's wife just entering the ministry?

For those of you who are not a pastor's wife would you please answer the following questions?

1. Does your pastor's wife meet your expectations? Please be specific with your answer.

2. List qualities you feel a pastor's wife should demonstrate in her role.

3. Should a pastor's wife have close friends in the church?

4. What role in the church do you feel a pastor's wife should fulfill? Does your present pastor's wife fulfill that need?

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Thank you so much for your input.



  1. I'll pass this on to a couple of pastors wives I know. What a great ministry idea. As you know, they - the wives of pastors - need a safe "place" they can go for help, whether it is a friend outside of their church or a ministry. I have a burden for them too.

  2. Deborah, I would like to introduce you to real chocolate, healthy chocolate! Healthy chocolate is non-processed chocolate full of needed antioxidants! Please email Rev. Bonnie Smith: Be Blessed! Bonnie Also, I am birthing a ministry for women,which includes men. I'd love to learn about your leadership life coaching for myself.


Thanks so much for visiting this site. I pray that Chocolate and Coffee will be an encouragement to you today.

Blessings and hugs!