Monday, October 1

This amazing award was given to me by Shannon at Christian Moms Alliance and I am so honored. It is exciting to know that God is using my blog to touch the lives of other women.

I will pass this award to five ladies who encourage others each week. I love reading their blogs. Kim, Grams, Sharon, Angie and Denise. Bless you ladies!

Check out Management by God to learn more about this award.


  1. This is a cool award and it has probably touched my heart like no other. What a honor for the Lord. He has worked long and hard one me and has so much more to change--but I loved that I can be recognized as His disciple. I pray the road I have walk-both good and bad--will always be used by God for His glory.
    Thank you
    Looking forward to hearing great things about your conference.

  2. Thank you Debbie,I am truly honored that you gave me this award!! In fact speachless, well not quite but almost!!This is a lovely award and I sure hope I can live up to this one!!Thank you!!!

    It sounds like your District Meeting is going great and you are sure busy!!
    love and hugs, Carolyn

  3. Debbie~
    First, THANK-YOU for this amazing award!!

    Second, THANK-YOU...for being obedient to God.

    I've been going through some difficult season's...especially at church!! People can be so harsh...and mean...and deceptive, and honestly, I was feeling as though I have NO ministry....and that God doesn't use minister to, or bless others.

    Your award, was ANOTHER reminder, from my Heavenly Father...that he DOES use me.... :-)

    Thanks for blessing my heart today!!

  4. Thank you so very much sweetie. You are such a precious blessing. I truly appreciate this. You are so deserving of this award.

  5. Debbie,
    I am humbled by this. The Lord has blessed my life with being able to find such encouragement in so many places----YOUR very blog, along with Iris, Laurel and others. You are a blessing.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    By the way....have you had a chance to read the book??
    Thank you for blessing me made my day!

  6. Hello, I have come to visit. You have made a wonderful choice in Denise.
    I have been able to read your posts today. My eyes are better able to focus on the print. I have enjoyed my visit. I stop by from time to time.

  7. Hello, I have stopped by for a visit. Denise is a great choice.


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