Tuesday, October 2

In "Other" Words

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in HIS wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, by the light of His glory and grace."
~ Helen Lemmel ~

I have had little opportunity to blog since last week due to my hectic schedule. I am coordinating Ministers' Retreat for our District and won't return to Virginia until Wednesday evening. There are 500 pastors and spouses attending this retreat in the western Maryland mountains at Rocky Gap Golf Resort and Lodge. We had an incredible service last night. We were truly in a wonderful place and our eyes were upon Jesus! The presence of God was powerful.

We are introducing a new ministry to the pastor's wives of our District this morning. The wives and credentialed women have been invited to a Chick-Chat breakfast fellowship. I am so excited! We have been talking about this for a long time and finally have placed legs on our prayers. Our District Women's Ministries Director has asked me to coordinate this ministry and I am elated! Loneliness and isolation are just two things that lurk in many lives of pastor's wives. This ministry is being birthed to cultivate friendships and relationships, to create a safe place for our pastor's wives so we can be a strong support for one another.
God's plans are so awesome! We could never orchestrate things in our lives as He does. He is so amazing. Look full in His face today. The things of this world grow dim and unimportant when we focus on God and His plans for us. Those nagging pressures of life seem less significant when we allow God to work and speak through our lives. His glory and grace makes the troubles of this world seem small. Surrender your worries and cares to Him today. Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Check out other blogs In "Other" Words today with Lori. I have to run and meet our committee to prepare for our Chick-Chat. Have a blessed day


  1. 'Chick Chat..' what a wonderful manifestation of HIS love and grace!!

    what a wonderful way to 'look FULL in His wonderful face!'
    Isn't it exciting when YOU know what HE is calling you to do..loud and clear??
    thank you for posting!

  2. Sounds like a wOnderful time of fellowship, prayer and fun! Blessings on your new ministry... so glad it has legs! May it walk on beautiful feet! :)

  3. Amen, and have a wonderful, refreshing time.


  4. may God continue to bless the retreat and especially strengthen pastor's wives spiritually and emotionally for their ministry. Blessings...

  5. Debbie~
    Know that I'm praying for you as you gather with Pastor's wives for *Chick-Chat*!

    Being a former Pastor's wife, loneliness, and isolation are VERY real!!!

    Praying that God will bless this new ministry and that Pastor's wives will find rest, fellowship, friendships, and healing!!

    I'm praying for you today!!!

  6. Your posts are always awesome, be blessed.

  7. May God bless this new ministry! Your joy is contagious!

    Those nagging pressures of life seem less significant when we allow God to work and speak through our lives.

    Amen Sister!

  8. Hello!
    Hope your conference is wonderful!
    Check out my free drawing, I think you'll like it!!


  9. I so enjoy "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus." It puts everything in perspective!

  10. You got me with a hymn going through my mind now. Perhaps I'll break out is praise and worship as I finish my chores.
    "Turn your Eyes upon Jesus look full in His wonderful face...."

  11. Sounds like a very busy week! I have been a female in ministry...and you're right, it can be very lonely. Thanks for the reminder that if we focus on Jesus the nagging pressures in life lose significance!

  12. As always Deborah I love reading your posts. And boy would I love to learn more about a Chick-Chat - sounds like so much fun!

  13. it does sound great! and yup, the cick chat has me curious!


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