Saturday, August 4

Changes - Ready or Not

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What a week! Brandon and Casey are getting settled in MO and Bobby and I are trying to adjust to a huge CHANGE in our household! You see, we adopted Jericho when Brandon and Casey moved. He is a 10 month old, 60 pound Lab and Boxer mixed! Very rambunctious, lovable and BIG! Did I mention that we already have two little people with fur who are very set in their ways (one of them by the way cannot accept the fact that she really is a dog) and are not readily accepting this CHANGE in their home? It certainly has been a very interesting week of CHANGE.

The thesaurus lists the following words for CHANGE: alter, modify, vary, transform, revolutionize, adjust and amend. Those are action words. Not one of those words reflects idleness or simply remaining the same.

If we are not willing to CHANGE I don't beleive that we can fully experience what God has planned for our lives. This is what makes serving Him so exciting. We never know from one day to the next what God has planned for us. When He calls on us how are we going to respond? Do you truly pray about making decisions in your life regarding CHANGE or do you simply refuse because it will totally upset your plans for the future? Without CHANGE there is no fruit and no harvest. When seeds are planted there would be no fruit without CHANGE. When blooms appear on a fruit tree there would be no fruit without change. CHANGE is a necessary step in life. CHANGE is a necessary dynamic in our walk with Christ.

CHANGE often means relocating your family, quitting your present job, accepting additional ministry responsibilities, etc. CHANGE can signify a multitude of things. As pastors we have relocated too different churches a number of times over the past 27+ years. There are certainly a multitude of dynamics to deal with when you accept a new pastorate. What if my husband would have ignored God's calling when He specifically asked us to CHANGE? Where would we be today?

For some folks CHANGE is a very difficult task. They become set in their ways and anything that disrupts their lives is absolutley unacceptable. But in order for us to serve Christ the way He expects us to we must be willing to embrace CHANGE so that we can truly experience all that God has for us. CHANGE is a necessary step in each of our lives no matter how old we become. And as we accept CHANGE God continues to mold and shape us so we can become the person He desires to fulfill His purpose and plan.

Although CHANGE may not always be enjoyable it is certainly necessary. The CHANGE my hubby and I have experienced this week has been challenging but we love our new addition. It has brought life, more work for each of us and a little added stress to our home but as time moves forward I know it will improve. I welcome CHANGE today. CHANGE is exciting and in order to be everything I need to be for His Kingdom I know CHANGE in my life is truly necessary.

Each of us are still a work in progress and I know in my own life God still has alot to do! Blessings to you today as you welcome and embrace CHANGES in your life.


  1. Change is one of those things that are the most difficult and can cause the most strife in us as humans and little furry dogs --wannabe humans... smile

    for whatever reason(s)

    but you have said it well...

    and unfortunately, change is sometimes forced upon us...

    I was talking to a family this week (as a Hospice nurse) and the family cried,,, "why"... they weren't ready for this.. and as we talked... I told them it was ok to cry.. it was ok to ask God why...


  2. I hope the doggie is doing a little better by today!

    Nancy is my special needs daughter and she had a Kitty Cat that died July 8th, the kitty was 15 years old.

    We now have a new kitty and it has been something else getting use to her!!
    In fact we had her for a few weeks before Olie Kitty died.

    At the time I was upset because of the new kitty, but God in his goodness knew that Nancy would need a new kitty and had her ready for us!!

    This was a good post!!!

  3. Sooo true! I love change and hate it at the same time! :)

    God bless, you have a beautiful family.


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