Monday, July 30

A Call to Obedience

God must rule our hearts if our feet are to walk His way.

Brandon and Casey are making their way to Evangel University located in Springfield, MO with a 24 ft. U-Haul and all their personal belongings. Their home will go on the market in a few weeks. Casey recently accepted a staff position at the college. Being an evangelist, Brandon can base his ministry from anywhere. God's fingerprints are all over this transition.

Bobby and I spent Friday afternoon and evening at their home in the Richmond area. Most of their packing was complete so we just enjoyed the time together. Brandon played his last softball game with Clover Hill AG and we wanted to be there as a support. They came back to Warrenton for the night and spent Saturday with Casey's family as they celebrated her dad's 50th birthday. The good-bye's were tough as they departed on Saturday evening. My heart is breaking but God has given me a peace about this transition. I know they are being obedient and are definitely in God's will.

Brandon was recently ordained at District Council. We were so proud of him. We were looking forward to spending time together at Ministers' Retreat in October and attending some of the events he would be ministering at in our area. Well obviously God has other plans........

I realize this will sound like a bragging mom (and I am one of those people) but I truly admire Brandon and Casey for their obedience to God's calling. How many times have we missed a blessing in our lives because we either were too busy to hear God's voice, didn't want to hear God's voice or simply dismissed the challenge because we thought we couldn't do what He was asking of us? We can't do what He is asking but He can do through us what He is asking! Obedience to Christ is a huge part of our relationship with Him. If God truly rules our hearts our feet will walk His way.

If you are a young mother reading my blog today you are probably thinking I am a ridiculous possessive mother who is fretting over her 25 year old son moving 1000 miles away. All I can say is savor every moment with your children while they are young. It seems like only yesterday when Bobby and I were attending Little League games. The years pass quickly......

Please excuse me for being a little teary eyed today. These are truly tears of thankfulness and joy. Over the years our experience in ministry has taught us that a call to obedience is expected when you make a decision to enter this profession. As a partnering pastor working alongside my husband I have to ask one question. If everyone in our congregations were obedient to the call of God what would our churches look like? AWESOME! SIMPLY AWESOME!God must rule our hearts if our feet are to walk His way.


  1. Your post today truly struck a cord in my heart. Our daughter Ashley will soon be following God's call on her life as she participates in YWAM leaving us for 6 SOLID months.

    One never fully realizes just how fast time goes..until your children are ready to move away....and then your heart/life enter a new phase.

    Praying for you (as I pray for myself :-).....I'm new to the blog world...and I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. My dh and I have been in the A/G our entire lives...we've pastored full-time for 13 years..and we're now just serving at a local church.

  2. I came across your blog over at Connie's I think, or Denise's!!

    I have a missionary daughter who is 50 and lives with her family in Mexico and I know how you feel!!

    My youngest is 28 and it was hard when she went off to college.

    She graduated in 2001 and she is our care giver right now. I have a special needs daughter who is 45 and has lupus real bad. I am crippled up, and Kelly is a real blessing to us!!

    I will be comming back here to have more Chocolate for sure!!!

  3. What a blessing to have children that you eagerly desire to brag about.
    Sometimes I watch my children and I am amazed that they are such gifts for God's work. Not necessarily doing anything special but learning to be good parents and being available to God for his use.


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