Wednesday, June 27

Basket or cart

My three year old grandson loves to shop from his mommy's cupboards. He will play for hours taking all the canned goods and boxed items back and forth from the living room to the kitchen. Recently as I was leaving my office I noticed a thrift store that had a number of children's toys displayed outside. As soon as I saw the little red metal shopping cart I immediately thought of Luke and stopped to make this special purchase. It was so cute and I knew he would love it. When I took it to him that evening he was so excited. Now he had a real shopping cart to assist him with his shopping needs. He immediately started to stack all the canned goods and jars of his little sister's baby food in the cart!

Will it be a hand basket or a shopping cart today? That depends on how many groceries we plan to purchase during our excursion to the store. Sometimes I make a quick stop for a few items during lunch which only requires a hand basket. If I am planning meals for the weekend and have plans to entertain a shopping cart is definitely necessary. I can assure you that it will be filled to the top and overflowing!

What are you expecting from the Lord today? Can it fill a basket or a cart? Each day God provides all we need but many times we respond with only a basket. We should be approaching His throne with a cart expecting Him to fill it to overflowing. He is our source for everything. Why not take advantage of what He makes available to us each and every day?

When we make a choice not to include time in our day to read our Bibles and pray we are cheating ourselves. We will only receive a mere basket of what we need that day from God. No wonder we are easily discouraged and feel defeated in many areas of our lives. I recently had a discussion in one of my mentorship groups regarding God's ability to deliver us from bondage. Each of us deals with things in our lives that can discourage us if we do not choose to give it to the Lord and ask Him for help in overcoming the problem. Many times we continue to deal with the same thing repeatedly because we are satisfied with just a little of what God can provide. We need to be persistent in seeking His face for a basket heaping full and overflowing! No matter what it is God is the answer. We can shop and shop for all kinds of things to fill the void in our lives but God knows exactly what we need. He wants to fill our carts to overflowing. How can we ever fulfill His will for our lives when we become satisfied with just a little?

In order to be the woman of God He has intended for my life I need everything God has to offer. My prayer today is that I will be so hungry for the things of God that I will continually seek His face for all that He can give me. I don't ever want to be satisfied with a hand basket. I know that only a few things from God each day will not be enough when I am standing toe to toe with challenges throughout the day. I need a daily heaping basket of everything God will provide in my life.


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