Wednesday, June 29

Amazing Peace in the Midst of Life's Challenges

Oftentimes it is tempting to become weary, worn and discouraged when we experience a series of events in our lives that tend to bring us down. We could easily whine and complain about the weariness of the journey but why elevate the enemy in that manner? Nothing is too big for the God we serve.  Maybe it is time we practice what we preach........

There is a contemporary worship song that goes like this, The more I seek Him, The more I find Him, The more I find Him, The more I love Him. God has used that song over and over again to speak into my heart when life becomes challenging and the road tends to be filled with potholes and major detours. I am so grateful for God's peace in the midst of life's storms. He extends His hand to us and guides us through each obstacle that comes before us. He soothes our spirit and gives us strength that is magnificent.
Psalm 46:10, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." The word, STILL, means, motionless, immobile, unmoving, at rest, at a halt, tranquil, silent and quiet. Wow! When was the last time we have been STILL before the Lord? When was the last time we have truly allowed Him to minister peace and tranquility into our spirits? When was the last time we completely came to a screeching halt and allowed God to speak into our hearts in a small still voice? When was the last time we truly experienced an overwhelming renewal in our spirits because we were obedient to what God was asking of us?

Take a moment today and "Be Still" before the Lord. Although our schedules can be hectic and overwhelming, God is still there to lift our spirits. Don't allow the enemy to distract and discourage you. Those are powerful tools from the enemy.  Call on God and allow Him to energize and refresh your spirit. Allow Him to bathe your life with peace in the midst of the hectic storms. He is magnificent and His peace is amazing.......

Blessings friends!