Tuesday, September 9

Be Encouraged!

Last week was one of those weeks and Sunday was the topper! A full week of activity and then some. I am sure you know what I am talking about. A week filled to the brim with all kinds of ministry and personal obligations. And then attacks on your ministry…… The end result is a very tired and weary pastor’s wife. Do any of you understand where I am coming from today? Ministry can at times be a very discouraging and challenging journey.

As I was praying the last few days God reminded me how much He loves and cares about His children. We preach to our congregations all the time about encouragement and how magnificent God’s amazing love is. Well, when the rubber meets the road, this is where we truly discover how spiritual we are and how strong our foundation in Christ really is. Weak foundations in ministry never succeed.  We and the church grows under persecution. So this morning I put on my big girl pants, grabbed hold of God even tighter and I am doing this thing! God is awesome and He loves you and I more than we could ever possibly imagine.

I encourage each of you today no matter what you may be walking through to focus on God and what He has for your life and ministry. His plan is awesome and I know from experience that life's busyness and the challenges of ministry often steal our joy. We become so overwhelmed with our daily routines and obligations that we forget our purpose and the mission God has placed in each of our lives for the Kingdom of God.

God has a plan and guess what... You and I are in it! Isn't that exciting? He wants to use you and He wants to use me to further the Kingdom of God. That makes my heart jump with excitement. Serving Him is challenging and exciting. We never know what tomorrow will offer but we can know with God-confidence that our God will be by our side walking with us no matter what the day may bring. Loving us and giving us peace and strength.  But we must lean on Him and ASK for that help when we are struggling.

Give Him priority today and thank Him for His awesome plan for your life. Tell Him how much you love Him. We owe God so much for the transformation He has been responsible for in each of our lives. Be encouraged. God loves you!

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