Thursday, March 17

Do You Crave Jesus?

Like many of you, I love coffee. I have a routine each morning and the second task on my list after taking Jericho and Jochebed to the potty is brewing a fresh pot of coffee. I am definitely a caffeine freak! Each sip satisfies that craving I long for.

The word crave in the thesaurus means to long for, desire, need, want, yearn for, require, hunger after and pine for. Do you truly crave God's Word each day? Do you long for, desire, need, want, yearn for, hunger after and pine for more of Him in your life?

What if you don't have time to read your devotion, study the Word or pray? Do you receive a "gut check" or is it acceptable to skip God for several days? Are you seriously "hooked on Jesus" or is it merely something you do because you are feelin' a little guilty? Does God's Word truly enrich your life or do you see it as something else you have to cram into an already overwhelmed schedule?

We are busy women. Sometimes I absolutely crave a little "white space" in my life. It is a rare moment to simply curl up in a comfy chair with a good book and enjoy the evening. There seems to always be something that needs to be done. The demands in our lives never seem to cease.

Although life is arduous I don't ever want to place God on a shelf and ignore all that He has already done for me and wants to fulfill in my life. I am so thankful today for His love. I want to "crave" Him with all that I am. I want to be so "hooked" on God that I cannot tolerate going even one day without reading and meditating on His Word and praying. I don't want to accept any substitute for my Lord. I cannot tolerate instant coffee. It lacks everything that fresh brewed coffee offers. I refuse to settle for substitutes regarding my walk with Christ. I want and crave everything He has available for my life and ministry. How about you dear friend? 


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  1. Starting my day with Him (and coffee, I'll admit) is the only way! If I don't, it just might not happen and then my day will become filled with distractions and perhaps an attitude which desperately needs adjustment. He satisfies that hunger which nothing else can. He desisres us! He placed within my heart a thirst which only He can quench! I only wish the day had more hours (of quiet time for Him)! No instant coffee for me either!


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