Tuesday, January 29

Isolation is Dangerous

Have you experienced loneliness in the ministry? Just sayin'.

As pastor's wives and ministry women, if we are not careful we can find ourselves in an isolated place where we feel we have no friendships with girlfriends who we can depend upon for encouragement and prayer. The kind of girlfriend you can text late at night or early in the morning because you are going through some heavy stuff and you need prayer.  A girlfriend you may not necessarily talk to every day but you know she is always there if you need her.

Loneliness is running rampant in the ministry among clergy and their spouses. Even when people seem to be around us all the time, we can experience a feeling of being alone. And the enemy loves it when he can bring discouragement and depression into our minds.Loneliness can manifest as an inner ache or a craving for affection. Its side effects include feelings of emptiness, uselessness, or purposelessness.

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows (Luke 12:7) NIV. 

Our true value is God’s estimate of our worth, not our peers’. Other people (even sometimes Christians) evaluate and categorize us according to how we perform, what we achieve, and how we look. But God cares for us because we belong to Him. So we can face life without fear and loneliness. Learn to guard your heart and don't isolate yourself.

God has promised to be with you always, and to never leave you or forsake you. Pray that God will send you genuine friends who are trustworthy and those who God Himself has chosen for you. Grasp His promise that He will comfort you and cause you to rejoice. Then get ready for the JOY and girlfriend chats while you are sipping your Starbucks coffee!