Monday, November 15


And when they raised their eyes, they saw no one but Jesus only.
Matthew 17:8

Have you ever been distsracted from the things of God?

Do you know that many times the enemy places "stuff" in our path to distract us from what God is trying to do in our lives? Think about it. When we are consumed with things in our lives, whether it is family issues, work, church challenges, etc., we can look too much at the problem and not the solution. We invest alot of time and energy into worrying about how we are going to fix the situation instead of placing it at the feet of Jesus and leaving it there allowing God to deal with it.

The Bible tell us to look away from all that will distract us from focusing on Jesus. (see Hebrews 12:2.) Jesus is certainly the source of our faith and the solution to whatever it is we may be dealing with today. Trusting Him with our problems and challenges will build our faith and mature us as Christians.

How many distractions are competing for your attention today friend?


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  1. Every day! Thanks for posting this, I really needed it!


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