Tuesday, May 11


"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."
~ Helen Keller ~

This is such an awesome quote. Many people struggle today in all avenues of life because they have no vision. Churches and ministries struggle because somewhere along the journey the vision was lost. Vision is eternal goals and dreams rather than temporary benchmarks.

Many things can destroy vision. Lack of resources, lack of planning, and lack of effort can all sidetrack and hijack vision. It is so easy to become focused on simply doing what has always been done because it is familiar and easy. It is easy to remain focused on the problems instead of exploring ways around the obstacles.

We live and move and make decisions by what we can physically see. Obstacles in our lives blocks our visions and our dreams. How many times have you wished that you would have done something that you knew in your heart God called you to do? But you hesitated. You reluctantly made every excuse imaginable as to why you could not be successful in that particular venue............  Been there; done that!

Too many obstacles in your path today?  Isn't God capable of overcoming ALL obstacles? They are only obstacles if we allow them to block our vision and hinder God's will for our lives. Obstacles often keep us in our comfort zone and absolutely wipe out any vision we might have for lives.

Obstacles such as fear is huge.Whenever we are treading on uncharted waters it is much easier for us to stay in the boat where we feel safe. Getting out of the boat means going places we have never been before. Vision is going places we have never been before. Vision is stepping out of the comfort zone. Walking into areas that we have never experienced. Vision is trusting God and exercising faith that we often give lip service too. Vision is demonstrating the hand of God upon our lives.

Our God is an overcomer and He provides all that we need in order for us to chase the vision He has placed in our hearts. Dream big dreams. Chase after those dreams with passion and perseverance. If God has given you a vision for your ministry, He will also equip and provide for you what is needed in order to accomplish the challenge before you.

Where there is no vision, the people perish........... Proverbs 29:18. To accomplish anything in this life we must have vision. If we are attempting to navigate through each day purely by sight we are in serious trouble. Vision instills hope within us and challenges each of us to pursue God's will no matter how far .
we may need to step out of the comfort zone!

Blessings friends!


  1. Wow, Deborah! This was powerful! It hit me hard, between the eyes. Thank you for the words. I personally needed to hear them!


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