Tuesday, May 18

Let it Rain..........

Let it rain...... Open the floodgates of Heaven....... Let it rain.......... Wow!!

Sunday was an awesome day at church. Our evening service is more like a camp meeting and we had an ole' fashioned healing and prayer service at the altar at the end of the service. It was amazing!!! God's presence and power was so strong. It was raining and the floodgates of Heaven were open! Bring it on Lord!

Why don't we have more of these types of services today in the church? I often hear people say that God doesn't move in their church services anymore and the church is dead. That totally frustrates me. Why is the church dead? Because the people are dead! Why are the people dead? Maybe serving God for them is no longer exciting. These folks find church boring and dread participating in any activities in the church. If they feel it is the pastor they are sitting under that is not feeding them then it is THEIR responsibility to find another church. If you are not happy with your church it is no reason to be stagnant in your faith and relationship with Christ. The Word tells us that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Revival starts in the hearts of people..... Not the church. The church is only a building..............

Have you noticed how excited new Christians are about serving God? They are not ashamed to tell others about Christ and the magnificent work He has performed in their lives. Maybe it is time for us to get back to the basics of Christianity. If we don't keep God fresh in our lives we may easily find ourselves stagnant and ineffective.

Serving God is amazing, exciting and extremely rewarding! Each day can be a brand new venue when you are serving Christ with your whole heart and soul. God's plan and purpose for our lives is never boring and never mundane. Let's get excited about what He is doing in our lives and show the world around us what an awesome God we serve!

Blessings friends!!


  1. We have noticed that when we slow down the pace of our services, instead of being on a real tight time constraint, and practice the old idea of "waiting on God", there has been a marked change in the response of the people to the presence of God. This also seems to break "habitual" worship and prompts the congregation to turn off the cares that beset them.When we determined we would wait for our people to come into one accord and welcome the Holy Spirit in praise and worship, services are no longer routine. We have seen a freshness return to our services and an expectation of "something" from God. That's an exciting change!

  2. My husband and I were in a "dead" church; the people were stagnant, the pastor was too busy being on a schedule to allow God to move. Now, though, God has brought us to a wonderful, God seeking church. Last week we didn't ever get out of the worship service; the Spirit was flowing too freely and people were being healed and delivered; marriages restored. That's what church is about---God moving...and doing His thang!

  3. Deborah:
    I just now connected to your post and loved all the encouraging words you spoke and about God moving as He should in a 'faith built' church. I'm afraid I am one who attend a 'sleeping' church and I know there is a better ministry about 12 miles from us but we find reasons not to drive that distance and just join these lovely people in a nearby church and who show love one to another. I love your music too, and your word of faith that we DO serve a BIG GOD! Thanks for allowing me to be part of your post...Phyllis


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