Wednesday, February 17

Psalm 23 Revised.....

My life at times seems absolutely overwhelming. Can you relate! When my week is packed with zero down time it is easy to become frazzled. I try to focus only on one day at a time. This seems somehow to help me manage my schedule easier. God is so good and He always seems to make a way for me to have a little "white space" in my life when I am facing a challenging week.

In conversation with a dear friend recently, she told me that she was reciting Psalm 23 each morning but not how we read it from our Bible.  She rewrote the Psalm in her own words to personalize the prayer.  For her it seemed to bring peace into her life as she navigates through her day. What a great idea!

I  have been doing the same thing for several weeks in my own life. It really has brought meaning to the madness of my convoluted schedule! I encourage you to try it. Pray over Psalm 23 asking God to give you the words to personalize the prayer so it is fitting for your life.   Make a commitment to read it daily. It has helped me to bring balance into my life as I often struggle with finding that "white space" that brings clarity to my overloaded mind!

Psalm 23 - My very own personalized version.......

1. Lord, remind me that you are my source, strength and provider. I must depend upon your guidance today and lean upon the promises in your Word. I know in my heart that you will not lead me astray.

2. Lord, help me allow you to guide my steps today. Allow your places of solitude to re-energize me today so that others will see you in my life.

3. Lord, when I learn to be obedient and place my total trust in your will for my life, I will be content.

4. Lord, help me today not to fear anything that may come into my life. With you all things are possible. Speak peace into my life today Father.

5. Lord, help me to rest in knowing that you have my back no matter what the enemy may bring against me today. When my cup spills out today Lord, I pray that it is good stuff; uplifting and not destructive.

6. Lord, help me to realize today that my time on this earth is limited. Help me to realize that you have a specific plan and purpose for my life while I am here. Help me to be the Godly woman you are calling me to be so I can influence others in a positive way for the Kingdom of God. May all I do today Lord glorify and uplift the Kingdom. Amen.

Have a blessed day friends!