Monday, February 8

Blizzard 2010 - East Coast

I have been out of pocket since last Friday due to the storm that blasted the east coast!  We have over 30 inches of snow in our yard.  The government offices and all schools were closed today including my office. Almost 200,000 people were without power for days and about 50,000 are still in the cold.  Thank the Lord that we have not lost electricity but I feel sad for those families who have been dealing with the inconvenience.

We were not able to have church services Sunday and I am really missing the fellowship! Hoping that we don't have to cancel mentorship this week and the Valentine Social Friday evening.  My boss has been in Florida since last week and couldn't get a flight back to Virginia until today. 

The temps here this morning were in the single digits.  I am so tired of shoveling!  I would like to say that I never want to see another snow flake again but with that comes our forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday - five - ten inches of brand new white snow!!!!! Oh no!!!!
I am so thankful today for God's protection throughout the storm.

Blessings friends

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  1. The snow came to the south of us this time... but we are hearing it's coming our way in the next few days... I am so ready for spring.. and pray that the power will be restored soon. Lets hope the next storm is smaller than the last.. Deb


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