Tuesday, December 15

Servants For The Kingdom

Last evening our church hosted the Potomac District Council Christmas Party.  Including officers, department directors and staff there were almost 80 people in attendance.  I was so proud of our volunteers who parked cars, greeted, waited on tables and just plain demonstrated good ole' fashion servanthood.  They served with excellence and did an outstanding job.

The greatest among you will be your servant (Matthew 23:11 NIV).

Jesus was frequently challening society's norms.  Greatness comes from serving in God's eyes.  Serving keeps our focus from ourselves and on the needs of others. 

I love Christmas.  It isn't about gifts and parties and shopping.  It is about touching the lives of those who are in need.  It is about doing something for someone who is less fortunate than yourselves.  It is about demonstrating the character of Christ in a world that only thinks about themselves.

As Christians, we need to welcome servanthood and practice touching other's lives daily.  Whatever God calls us to do, be ready to help someone.  Jesus came as a servant.  What kind of greatness do you seek?


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