Monday, July 27

A Resource For Everything

It was a great weekend but extremely busy! Attended Women's Ministries Day Saturday at Potomac Park Camp which was awesome. There were over 300 ladies in the tabernacle and it was just great being with them. I hosted a time together for pastor's wives and women in ministry during lunch and it was so good to see many ladies who I talk to frequently on Facebook.

There was a birthday party at our church Saturday afternoon for a dear lady who was celebrating her 95th birthday! I managed to catch the end of the party after returning early from camp.

Yesterday was an awesome day at church. God did ROCK the HOUSE! After service last night there was a fellowship celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe that Bobby and I have been married that long. But then again, when I glance in the mirror each morning that face glaring back at me reminds me of my mom!!! Time moves on for all of us. Anyway, the fellowship with the folks in our church was awesome. God has truly blessed us with a great church.

In ministry, Bobby and I often counsel people who are frustrated and discouraged about things they are walking through in their lives. As I told my Sunday School class yesterday, sometimes the baggage is so heavy that we find it very difficult to focus on God and the things He has for our lives. But, as Christians we truly need to seek His face daily and continue to grow in our relationship with Him. It is so important to build a solid rock foundation with Christ so when the rains and wind come our house will stand strong!

Why as Christians do we often tend to forget that God promises His provision and protection when life simply does not make sense?

I will call upon the Lord, Who is to be praised; so I shall be saved from my enemies. Psalm 18:3

When I read this verse I don't necessarily think of my enemies in relation to people. I think of my enemies in the form of fear, doubt, discouragement, depression and lack of self worth or confidence. We tend to make the Bible complicated and that is not what God intended. God is our Rock and our Strength. God is our Refuge. God is our Deliverer. God is all things to everyone. As a Christian we should be tapping into His resources in order to receive what God has for us. It is so easy but we tend to make it extremely difficult.

I am thankful today that I serve a great and simple God. Life can become complicated when we are diligently seeking God's face waiting for His direction for our life. Sometimes we feel lost and cannot see the forest for all the trees! But even in the midst of all the turmoil and confusion, God is there and He knows what tomorrow holds. He knows why we don't have the answer today for our future. And He knows why He is taking us on a scenic route to fulfill His will for our lives. Just plug into your resources. God is awesome and He is inviting you to experience Him in at a new level.

Happy Monday! Blessings!


  1. As I read this, I started singing to that scripture. "I will call upon the Lord." Love that message!

    Thanks for this great post today.

  2. "God is awesome and He is inviting you to experience Him in at a new level" - I love that!! Thanks for always being an ecouragement!


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