Friday, July 24

Not To Worry!

Last night was an amazing evening with the ladies from my church. I hosted the monthly "Chocolate and Coffee" at my home and we had an awesome time! It was a night filled with great food, fun, fellowship and Bible study. We are using Beth Moore's Ascent to Psalms. There were new faces last night and it was a great way to introduce ourselves and really learn to know more about one another. We need friendships with Christian women. It is important to have that support and encouragement when we are walking through the valley. Relationships and mentoring are so important in growing in our walk with Christ. I am so thankful how God is using the Heart to Heart Gals ministry in our church.

My daughter Brooke and her family left for vacation yesterday. We are caring for their home and dogs while they are away. I miss them and they have only been gone for a short time!

Spending quality time with my grandchildren Victoria and Luke is always a special treat. Grammy's have to brag on their grand babies you know! Victoria and Luke feel a sense of security when they are in my care. They don't worry about anything bad happening to them because they trust that Grammy will take care of them.

I often find myself worrying about things in my life that should be completely given to the Lord. Do you have that some problem? As adults, we might say we trust God with everything but do our lives truly demonstrate the faith that will move mountains? Why is it so difficult to allow God to manage these things in our lives that sometimes seem to manage us?
Matthew 6:25, "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life......." OUCH!!!!

God's Word encourages us not to worry about anything. His Word solidifies His promises to us that He will take care of us. When we allow worry and fear to creep into our lives we tend to focus only on the negative and miss opportunities presented to us. We become consumed by the possibilities of what could happen and sometimes that prevents us from recognizing what is actually transpiring in our lives. the enemy takes advantage of the doubt and fear which overwhelms our very being. We do not permit a place in our lives, time or desire for prayer or spending time with God when we are consumed with worry. We become useless as a Christian because we are so caught up in things we most likely cannot control or change. I believe we miss many blessings because we doubt that God can truly take care of us.

As Christians we must learn to trust God and completely relinquish all of our worries and fears to Him. We practice great lip service but do we sincerely place our trust in God and believe that He will take care of our every need? His Word explicitly assures us that we are not to worry about anything. Worry distracts us and hinders God's will in our lives. God loves and cares for us just the same as we love our children, grandchildren and spouses. Allow Him to take care of your needs. Practice releasing every worry and concern to Him. You will be amazed at how well He manages and resolves issues in our lives that seem to be managing us.

Blessings friends!

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  1. Great word today. I definitely have to work on turning it all over to Him.

    Aren't grandbabies just the BEST! (sigh)... such sweetness.


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