Tuesday, April 21

In "other" Words

"Give yourself permission not to know and be satisfied knowing the One who does."
~ by Joyce Meyer, "I Dare You" ~

I am often reminded that as Christians, we are supposed to trust God in all circumstances. Although we are not capable of seeing beyond today, God expects us to have the faith to trust Him with our future.

Like others, I often become frustrated because things I expect to happen in my life are just not! You know what I am talking about.... God gives us dreams. Dreams that continue to grow but many times doors don't seem to open as quickly as we expect. Years pass and the dream still has not become a reality. Frustration? Maybe. But God really spoke into my heart at the beginning of this year and told me to stop focusing on what it is I want to do with my life, and focus on the NOW. He has given each of us a work to do and I believe it is our training ground for a bigger task He has planned for our lives. Is it easy? Absolutely not! Will I become frustrated and perhaps discouraged? Absolutely! But God is doing a work in us and when He feels we are ready for that next level He will open the doors and make things happen.

Our faith grows in God when we are forced to trust Him because we cannot figure out what it is He is doing. Pretty exciting don't you think? Serving Christ is a continuous adventure for me. I never know what a new day will bring and that my friends is awesome! I could never understand how anyone could say that serving the Lord is boring! They certainly must not serve the same God I know!

Over the years, as I have matured in Christ, it has become easier to wait on God and trust Him with my life. Even though sometimes I may find myself in a very frustrating place, I know God will work it all out in His timing. I have learned to trust Him even when life just does not seem to make sense.

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  1. You wrote: Our faith grows in God when we are forced to trust Him because we cannot figure out what it is He is doing.

    Yes, it does! And that's where I find my faith muscles stretching. It's kind of like excercise. Hurts in the beginning but so worth it in the end.

    Great post! I loved it!

  2. First: I like the new look on your blog. Very nice. :-)

    . . . Living in the NOW is KEY in the Christian life. Don't you think? And don't you think also that with age and *cough** wisdom, comes this realization? Over the last years, as I grow in years and spiritual maturity, I see more and more how important total reliance on Christ and the Father's PLAN really is. When we're able to do this, we really are as free as a child on summer vacation!!!
    Great thoughts here.

    P.S. Glad we're friends on Facebook now too. There will be a special reunion in Heaven for all the blogging and FB Friends :)

  3. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like this thought, "when He feels we are ready for the next level he will open the door."

  5. I love joining you for chocolate and coffee. After all, those are two of my very favorite things!

    Trust is my word for today. I have been finding that word over and over again all day and it began in my quiet time. Trust has been challenging for me because of past issues. But I'm finding that God is trustworthy. He's proved that over and over to me. However, it's been hard at times because it's not been in my timing. Silly me; I think He absolutely knows what's best and what times is best. Duh!

    Anyway, you did a great post on our quote for today. I've really enjoyed visiting everyone's blog and reading their take. Hugs to you.


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