Wednesday, June 8


There is a common desire within every person to feel successful. We often measure our worth on the basis of how successful we are. How we measure that success is often based on a worldly standard rather than a godly standard. Success by the world’s standard often means luxury, wealth, and possessions, achievements, notoriety, fame, beauty, and intelligence. If we measure our lives by the world’s standards we will have an inaccurate and incomplete view of whether or not we’re successful. God’s standard of measurement is nothing like the world’s standard.

God’s formula for success works for every person, in every situation. The pathway to success cannot be traveled by anyone who does not practice God’s formula for success. These principles are taken from Joshua 1:6-9.

Notice the number of times God brings this command before Joshua. (v. 6, 7, 9). What is courage? Courage has several synonyms: bravery, valor, fearlessness, heroism, confidence, nerve. It also has several nicknames: guts, grit, backbone.There’s one very important thing we need to notice about courage. Courage is demonstrated in the person who has their back against the wall, when the odds are against them, when the pressure is on, when the flaming arrows are close, when the pain is intense, when the attack is at hand.

David demonstrated courage as he walks into the Valley of Elah with his sling to take his stand against Goliath. We see courage when Moses stands eye to eye with Pharaoh. We see it in Elijah when he challenges the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. Why did God tell Joshua that he needed to be courageous? What was Joshua going to face that was so difficult that he would need to be courageous? Besides being the leader of the nation of Israel, God had given Joshua a project to complete. His first task was to lead his army into Canaan and drive out the people who lived there. Sounds like an easy job, but remember, 40 years before this, under Moses’ leadership, he had sent 12 spies into the land of Canaan. They came back with stories of giants living in the land who made them look like grasshoppers. When the people heard this they became afraid and refused to enter the land. Fear can hamper our success.

There were seven nations living in Canaan, all of them larger and stronger than Israel. By all human standards Joshua was facing an uphill battle. He had every reason to turn and jet. That’s why God encourages him so many times: "Be strong and courageous."

Do you ever feel like you’re facing an uphill battle? Do you feel like the odds are against you? Honestly, there are hundreds of times in our lives when we’re faced with situations that seem impossible! There are outward circumstances like illnesses and disabilities, broken relationships, financial hardships, the loss of a job, etc. Then there’s the inner conflicts that test our faith, like attacks on our personal integrity, remaining faithful when no one is looking, enduring the sting of loneliness and separation. There are many times in our lives when we need to hear God’s command to Joshua, “Be strong and courageous.”

Real success is not a matter of strength and courage alone, but strength and courage that comes from the knowledge that God is walking with us. In order for Joshua to lead the people into the land of Canaan and claim God’s promise he must be strong and courageous. They couldn’t do like their fathers had done a generation ago and grumble and complain and refuse to enter the land because of their fear.

Don’t think of yourself as being insignificant in the Kingdom of God. Don’t allow the enemy to convince you with his lies that you cannot be used by God. That is nothing more than a weak excuse for a weak faith! In God’s success formula the first thing we must do is be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

God’s formula for success will not look like success in the eyes of the world. God has called each of us to do something awesome for the Kingdom. Of course the enemy is going to constantly knock on your door and discourage you. He will try everything in his bag of tricks to deceive you and convince you that you are not worthy of success in God’s eyes.

My God is so awesome. Dreams are real folks. When God plants a dream for success in your heart run after it. He equips us to succeed.

God is unpredictable and walking with Him is always an adventure!