Thursday, January 22

Thankful Thursday - Prayer

I can't imagine living my life without prayer. Prayer is the encouragement to my soul when life becomes confusing, overwhelming and simply doesn't make sense. There is power in prayer even though God doesn't always give us the answer we want. Sometimes God says "No".
Sometimes God says "Slow down". Sometimes God tells us to grow more. And sometimes God gives us the green light to go! I am thankful today for prayer and a God who listens and answers my prayers.

I am thankful for a great group of ladies who faithfully support the "Chocolate and Coffee" Bible study at my home each month.

I am thankful for a committed leadership team in my women's ministry at church.

I am thankful for the results from a recent CT Scan that showed no tumor in my lung.

I am thankful for what God is doing in our church. He is so faithful!

Lori is hosting Thankful Thursday this week. See what other ladies are thankful for today.


  1. Great list of things to be thankful for! So glad you got a good report on your lungs! Happy Thankful Thursday!

  2. Praise God for clear lungs!!! Enjoyed reading your list, have a wonderful Thursday.

  3. Such a lovely list of thankfuls.

  4. Happy TT!!

    Yes, I just love women bible studies!!

    So blessed God is moving in your church!!

    Blessings to you♥

  5. Praise God for no tumor in your lung! That is an awesome Praise Report. May the Lord continue to work in your home and your church. Thank you for sharing!

  6. A lovely thankful post! Glad to hear your lungs are fine. Praise God!

  7. I'm THANKFUL that you are ok!! I don't know where I've been....BUT..I totally missed that you were having a CT scan! So sorry.

  8. Great news about your lungs. Well, I'm so thankful for what the Lord is doing in my life. I'm thankful that He is drawing me closer day by day and that He is ever faithful.


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